Updated: 05/05/2005

CFPurchase Pickup

CFPurchase Pickup is an automatic product delivery system designed to provide a pickup depot for your products. CFPurchase Pickup has the ability to automatically deliver your product to a customer instantly after purchase. CF Purchase Pickup is designed for anyone who sells intangible goods online using PayPal. This includes downloadable items such as: software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded. If you sell intangible good''s online and your looking for a way to automatically deliver your product''s, then CFPurchase Pickup is for you! You do not need to have any programming experience. If you have any problems setting up CFPurchase Pickup, our technicians will help you install it for free.. CFPurchase Pickup uses the latest ColdFusion technology and will run on ColdFusion 5+. If you do not have a web hosting company that supports ColdFusion, that s not a problem! We have partnered with to provide you the best hosting experience possible. has many hosting plans to best suit your needs and fully supports ColdFusion and CFPurchase Pickup. Here are some screen shots! Why pay someone else to deliver your products when you can do it yourself!