Updated: 02/03/2011

Orbit Open Ad Server - free open source, php ad server for publishers.

With full access to Orbit Ad Servers source code you can configure and distribute our open source ad server code to meet your needs. AD TRAFFICKING YOUR WAY: Ad channels are a convenient way to segment your sites inventory. Open Ad Servers open source ad code easily configures to fit the way you sell. Create standard formats for php ads on your websites and display text, image, or flash ads. Adapt the look and feel of php ad channels to fit the style of your website. MAXIMIZE YOUR AD REVENUE: Multiple pricing models expand your options. Choose from CPM (Click Per Mille, Flat Rate (Pay per Day) and CPC (Pay Per Click). Advanced reporting details php ad banners and campaigns displayed on each site, tracks clicks and conversions and counts your money! CATER TO YOUR CLIENTS: Offer strategic market targeting options like geography, daypart, user behaviors and custom variables.