Updated: 06/04/2007

MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser

The Offline Browser is a personal proxy server sitting behind your browser (Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari), silently and speedily handling all the network traffic. Unlike most offline browsers with this concept, you don''t have to specifically tell WebAssistant to capture a website - it remembers everything you see, automatically adding new pages to the cache. WebAssistant updates your cached pages (in the background) so you''ve always got the latest version to hand. There''s no difference between surfing the web and surfing your archive; you can even use you bookmarks or search your pages offline when you don''t have a network connection Your Benefits Work offline (train, plane, beach) without worrying that you have the info you need. Reduces the pressure of knowing what to save, and the necessity for repeating browsing sessions looking for something that was missed. Mobile users have the flexibility of accessing information from the web without having to worry about expensive access points
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    • Linux,
    • Windows,
    • FreeBSD,
    • Mac OSX,
    • Sun Solaris
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    • Commercial License,
    • Free for non-commercial use
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    • MM3Tools Muenzenberger GbR