Updated: 08/31/2007

Payment Processing Script just Like PAYPAL:

Introducing the New Version of our Payment processing Script.... Palpayment Gold Version 2.3.0 is JAM Packed full of features and has been tested in Beta stages for all known bugs, this PHP complex but easy to install and use script is like no other, with features such as Buy it now, Donations, Subscriptions, easy Payments, E-mail management, full HTML templates, Verification E-mail activation, GD Number login security and signup Security, Your also able to allow member to verifiy there member status on 2 levels, and require them do want it takes to verify there account, for example, there are two levels, Verified, and certified, an amazing feature to have, this script does not have a high price tag to most out there, but is a rich in FEATURE script, Become a Payment site today: (Please note flash is required to enter our Website) Thankyou for reading: