Updated: 02/01/2008

plx Autoreminder

Our autoreminder script allows you to run an autoreminder service that allows people to sign up for unlimited reminder notifications via email! Members can sign up for free to schedule a limited number of autoreminders. You can also charge your members a monthly fee that will allow them to schedule unlimited autoreminders. You set the price that you would like to charge. This is a great money maker! plx Web Studio''s autoreminder script is very user friendly and is mostly automated. The customer can sign up for free. Once they see how great the service is, they can upgrade their account via PayPal or Stormpay inside the members area. As the site owner, you will enjoy the monthly residual income that this site can provide! You also have the ability to sell advertisements in the reminder emails. The script comes with administration area, rich of good features - members management, mass mail, page content management, mail templates customization, css editing and others.