Updated: 04/17/2006

Ringtones - Wallpapers - Java Games - WAP Uploader - Downloader Script 4.1a

This powerful script allows you to host a service whereby people can upload ringtones, images and java games onto your site and download them onto their cell phone. It allows you, or visitors to your site to upload files such as pictures, ringtones, and java games or whatever content the cell phone can handle, then a unique id is generated. The user then will browse to your wap site with their Internet (wap) enabled cell phone, they then enter this id and download their file onto their mobile device. The script is versatile, in that it gives the user a choice of whether to send the content to their phone via the method described above or the WAP PUSH method. The WAP PUSH method is the easiest way for users to get content such as ringtones, images, and java games or whatever else into their phone. WAP PUSH is used by all the big content providers such as Jamster. It sends an active link right to the users phone. User clicks a single button to get the desired content.