Updated: 07/10/2006

AV Chat

AV Chat is a Macromedia Flash based enterprise Web Application that allows multiple users live text and audio/video communication in private and public video chat rooms. Video Chat is a perfect way break the barrier of ubiquitous text chat and add live audio/video group chat communication to online dating communities, corporate and various specialty groups. AV Chat is completely customizable and integrates seamlessly with existing client database and all scripting languages including PHP, .NET, ASP, ColdFusion, CGI, JSP, etc. Cross platform support. Custom branding and integration available. Dedicated licenses and Hosted options available. * Improve Guest-To-Paying Member Conversion * Add custom-branded, live a/v, text chat to your online community. * Increase member retention and users online time. * Offer premium subscriptions with Audio Video chat features. * Multi-Language Support for most languages. * Customize chat color to match your site.