Updated: 06/05/2006

Wap Redirect

Wap Redirect is a small script written in PHP. The aim of Wap Redirect is to detect the browser , either a normal PC Browser or a wml Browser on a mobile. After detecting the browser the script redirects the user to either of two links. To a HTML page or to a WML page. In case you want to host both HTML && WAP content but don''t want to provide different links, then Wap Redirect comes in handy. All the users will need to enter the same url (HTML or WML) and then they will be detected && then finally redirected to specific locations. Wap Redirect can detect a wide variety of browsers , even some of the rarest ones (browser of BeOs && more) without fail. It also successfully detects Wap Emulator && takes the user to the wap site.