Updated: 06/27/2006

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortgage Loan Calculator, by DotNetos Solutions, is a powerful tool built with precision and self-contained into one file. This allows for the simple integration of this script into any website. All one has to do is insert the &"include&" statement into a PHP file. The calculator is able to find any of the 5 variables involved in a mortgage loan: Monthly Payment, Loan Amount, Down Payment, Interest, && Term or Number of Payments. This script can run in 3 modes and allows the webmaster to set the default mode: Simple (basic case of loan that doesn''t involve any taxes or insurance), Advanced (same as Simple with added taxes and insurance) && Complete (same as above with the addition of any fees that may be involved). The results of the calculations are split into 3 parts, with the webmaster''s ability to define the default setting: Summary, Amortization && Distribution. Our concept is to keep the design simple for both the webmaster and the visitors/users. More features to come!