Updated: 11/28/2007

Complete Text And Link Rotator

This text and text link rotator is complete because it does everything for a text and text link rotator! Rotates text and text links by day of the month or by day of the year, by hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, and in order! A random text and text link rotator comes with this! Besides its complete timing options, what else makes this text and text link rotator so complete, is you can add any text styles and colors directly to the script itself! This way one line of text or text link rotation can look one way, the next another, you can even combine text and text links together or in different colors! Or make it as basic as you choose. The lines of rotating text or text links can be any length you want, and can be any text listed on your keyboard. Rotate all your own content yourself and all at the very lowest price!