Updated: 02/29/2008

Niche Site Wizard - Mini Site Creator - Create Automated Top Sites Listings

Niche Site Wizard v1.0 is the latest niche content sites creation / generation script that is fuss-free, easy to setup, search engine friendly, sensitive to your business needs and provides your website visitors with quality and rightfully acquired content automatically. You can add your own ad codes from e.g. Google AdSense, Yahoo YPN, AdBrite, ClickBank, AdEngage, paid links etc. simply by editing the template files. We are constantly adding new templates so that you can have different looks for different niche topics. The script also features an advanced caching system that will speed up the performance of your NSW website and reduce server load - going easy on shared servers. It will also create a HTML sitemap automatically for your human website visitors and to help search engines to find the pages on your NSW website. With just $9.95, you get to create unlimited number of websites and there is no time limit to your subscription! You can''t lose with such a great deal!