Updated: 04/28/2008

Mary''s Portal

With a 2 years background experiance developing modules for vBulletin, recently I decided to develope my own forum application and port all (15) my vBulletin mods to work with it. Free version will has: Forums, Site News, PayPal Donations, eCards, MeetMe (Funny Dating), Photo Rating, Flash Chat, Downloads, Links Directory, FAQ, Banners, Polls, Quizzes, Guestbook, while the Premium version (available for Free only to my Club Members), in addition will have: Articles, Reviews, Social Network, Classifieds, Shopping Cart, Blogs, Events with Registrations and Payments, Gallery, Dating, Adult Dating, Escorts (for XXX sites), Helpdek (Ticketing Support), Surveys. The 1st Alpha version released today Apr 26th, 2008. Please note that all modules are ready, I''m just porting them to work with my new forum application.