Updated: 05/19/2008

Arfooo Directory

Arfooo Directory is an open source software combining all the features desired by webmasters. Actual easily administrable rallying simplicity and ease of use through the MVC architecture. Arfooo Directory is compatible PHP 5.1 +, MySQL 4.1 + and uses UTF-8. Your new Directory is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 You have many features entirely new as: - A manager of advertising very powerful. - Url rewriting with management to have no duplicate content. - An account administrator and accounts moderators accounts unlimited with statistics. - An intelligent cache system allowing queries to the database close to 0 Ask us for a function and if it is useful, we will create for you. Ask the migration scripts for switching from one directory script to Arfooo Directory to keep your database while changing script. And many unique features.