Updated: 05/14/2008

Flash Calendar

The Flash Calendar was specially made for presenters and public figures of all types. It is easy to install and even easier to use. The colors are fully customizable to seamlessly blend with your site and make you look good! Animated Month-At-A-Glance interface expands when clicked to show location, time and detailed descriptions. Today''s schedule for your home page and a dynamically generated thumbnail for your banner, or side-bar. Flash interface insures cross-browser functionality. Everybody see it the same. Administrative pages are hyper-programmed to make keeping your schedule up-to-date a snap. Flexibility - Enter recurring events, one-day events, events that span multiple days, events that block out your regular schedule, every Xday, every other Xday, every first/second/third/fourth Xday of the month... 24/7 access to your schedule! Changes appear instantly so you never have to wait. One year free upgrades and FREE installation make this the best deal ever.
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