Updated: 06/18/2008

PHP Anti Hacker

The PHP Anti Hacker script will scan all your important public files on your web server for known hacker files, closes security holes such as open directories you might have missed, and helps you prevent future hacker attacks! This script is not a virus scanner, but it does alert you to possible back door files that your programming buddy or hacker has placed on your server. Even if your system admin scans your server, it could miss most web based hacker tools, because they are just normal scripts, they just give more access to certain damaging functions, such as allowing the attacker to upload more remote files to your site, using your server as an email proxy to send bulk email or as a gateway proxy to hide anything the attacker might do to another site. As your site grows, and you add more 3rd party scripts, the more you are at risk and if you don't update those scripts like you should then you are venerable to hackers who are actively looking for new servers!