Updated: 06/28/2008

The most efficient and light-weight CMS

CompactCMS isn't a Content Management System as you've known them. Instead of taking over every aspect of developing websites, CompactCMS only manages the content of your pages. So before you even read on: basic knowledge of xHTML and CSS is a must. CompactCMS is ideal for those developers that currently use a heavy-weight CMS in which they practically only use the static content manager. Most of the times way too difficult for end-users to understand and too restrictive for developers to work with. The bottom line is that any freelance webeditor that helps friends, colleagues or small-business to get their website online, will be able to easily create one template the way they're used to using their favourite editor. After that CompactCMS will help the end-user to create, fill-up and maintain the necessary pages. One administrative page handles it all using Ajax and PHP.