Updated: 08/09/2008

plusPHP Desktop Wallpapers Multi-User Site Script

Desktop wallpapers script allow to start profitable multi-user site there visitors may submit their wallpapers to get traffic from backlinks. Script has easy to edit ads zones with optimized placement to maximize revenue. Mass upload facility allow to generate unique pages titles (for search engines) from wallpapers file titles. Script automatically resize big files into lower resolutions so visitors may choose which size better suit their needs - up to iPhone resolution. Script has both textual and image watermark options, allow to delete images by submitter IP address or user's system ID, ban IP addresses, force e-mail confirmation. Comments, "my favorites" section (even for non-registered visitors), "best images" section. Script has automated moderation system based on visitors activity: users may downvote images and after certain amount of downvotes bad images disappear from galleries. Perfect solution if you don't have too much time to moderate site from spam.