Updated: 12/04/2008

Rob's Film Database

This is a film database system, written for people who store their films on a media server. It will scan your film directory and produce a searchable database with information gathered from IMDB including movie posters. It also includes the ability to watch most divx / xvid videos using the divx web player. With this 2nd version I've started with a fresh slate, and brought in quite a few additions: * Automatic Folder scanning * Improved IMDB lookup including image downloading * Built in divx web player * More easily customisable * Supports FTP or HTTP for file access Please note that this system was designed on and built for windows servers. On a linux server it may not work correctly. This is a relatively early release, and remember that this is free software and is not supported or guaranteed whatsoever. I have tried to ensure it is free from errors, but please use it at your own risk.