Updated: 01/28/2009

Opensource PHP Anti-Hacker

1. 100% compatible with Joomla, and works for all other PHP softwares! Joomla, PhpBB, WordPress, Drupal etc. 2. Opensource and easily customized. Released under GPL License V2, meaning that you can have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites! 3. Anti SQL and PHP Code Injection. 4. Anti Flooding. [Only in Standard Version] 5. Anti XSS Attacks [Only in Standard Version] 6. IP Whitelist [Only in Standard Version] 7. Block Suspicious hackers IP from all protected pages 8. Emails alerts to administrators once suspicious hacking behavior is logged. 9. Shows details of who the hacker is, e.g. IP, Country, Network Location and Abuse Report Agent etc. 10. Parse URL query strings 11. Detect malicious code 12. Log data about offenders 13. Log data about malicious code 14. Inform the offender of the logged offense