Updated: 01/07/2009

HTML Table Renderer AS 3.0

The Flashtuning HTML Table Renderer AS 3.0 component provides an advanced XML/HTML table rendering engine for Flash, complete with CSS support and advanced features such as row and column spans. The component can render all common types of content (text, SWF files, images and Flash library objects) and allows embedding custom fonts and offers advanced text rendering controls. FEATURES : * Support for all common HTML tags and attributes and CSS properties supported by Flash * Images/SWF/library objects inclusion into table cells * Easily integrate your own custom actions like roll overs, drag&drop, tool tips * Link to custom ActionScript functions from within the table * Percentage/fixed widths/heights support for the table and/or individual cells * Alpha levels for borders and backgrounds * Font embedding support: you can specify custom library fonts for the table and/or individual cells using the cellfont attribute
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