Updated: 03/28/2008

Impleo Music Collection

Impleo is a simple PHP-script for managing your record collection. It''s possible to add, edit and delete records and publish the collection on the internet. The vision with this system is to offer an effective system with a simple administration tool and a minimalistic design that makes it easy to change the style of the collection to exactly the look you want. Each record contains the following information: - Name of the artist - Title of the record - Year of release - Format (CD, LP, MC etc.) - Record label - Comment (optional) Impleo is for you who just wan''t to keep track of your record collection with a simple tool without any fancy stuff. Therefore the system is completely open for your own extensions if you for example want to implement a search function, add new information about a record, show an image with every record etc. Impleo Music Collection is and always will be free of charge.