Updated: 09/20/2007

DVD Trader

Trade DVDs with friends, family or stangers from around the world. The DVD Trader website allows you to run a full blown DVD exchange allowing users to lend and borrow DVD media. With the DVD Trader you can create the largest free movie library in the world.A reservation is a way for a user to indicate they want to borrow a DVD (i.e. have the DVD checked out to them). The borrower reserves the DVD, the owner of that DVD then can check out the DVD to the borrower. A quick check out allows an owner to check out a DVD to a borrower without a pre-existing reservation. Once the DVD is checked out to a borrower, an owner can send reminders to that borrower if the DVD is overdue. Once the borrower returns the DVD to the owner, the owner will then ''check in'' the DVD via the website.