Updated: 05/28/2007

xClick Cart

This nifty little cart runs on your own web server and can accept input via POST of GET from any of your existing &"Add to Cart&" PayPal buttons! Keep buyers on your own site for longer!! This cart is compatible with all your existing &"Add to Cart&" buttons and can also offer you new and exciting features such as live multi-currency conversions so you can offer your products for sale in upto 16 currencies! There is also a coupon system for product discounting and a theme changer for when you are tweaking your designs! It comes bundled with 2 designs &"ewblue&" and classic &"paypal&" which both validate to W3C industry standards for XHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS 2.1. This shopping cart script is quite a unique concept because it means that anybody who uses PayPal''s own shopping cart can upload xClick Cart to their web site and just change their &"Add to Cart&" links!