Updated: 02/29/2008


Bars in a Gantt chart display activities over time and indicate their beginning and their end. But a bar can provide much more information than that: for example, an early start or an early end of an activity within a project. Different shapes and colors of bars in VARCHART Gantt charts are based on data. Therefore filters and maps can be applied to select bars and allocate graphical features. You can customize a time scale by defining its resolution, add different time ribbons or add the weeks and months in a language of your choice. Visualise non-working intervals with VARCHART XGantt''s powerful calendar grid. A different calendar can even be assigned to each group or even to each activity of a Gantt chart. Activities in a Gantt chart can be collected into groups by features that are defined in data fields. A group may have its own group title and summary bar. Groups and their activities can be sorted by criteria.
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