Updated: 01/24/2009

Ultimate Flash Picture Gallery

I m proud to present new gallery type for images. What is so different about this template? This gallery supports narration. You may add unique mp3 file for any picture in the gallery. Imagine someone is browsing throw your portfolio and listening your comments. Or may be, you want to have a different sound theme for each image? There are a lot of variations. Turn on you imagination! This gallery is fully XML driven. You can update photos just by editing XML file and believe me it isn t a rocket science. Fullscreen mode is also supported. As well as sound mute button and Auto slideshow. You may also set different background color for each picture, that way you can share pictures mood the best! All photos you may divide into a groups (categories). SUPPORTS : * JPEG * GIF * SWF * PNG Left and Right arrow keys are also supported. Browse easy throw all the photos.
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    • mixey