Updated: 12/18/2008

eBuy Shopping Cart

The eBuy Cart is designed to be attractive to the shopper, and very simple to use. It is also easy to install and setup, with a completely menu-based administration system. It can be used with a great variety of shipping and taxation systems. The actual appearance of the cart can be adjusted right from the administration menu. It is written in PERL but, unlike many PERL scripts, you won't have to look at the script itself - all administration is carried out via the system of menus. It is currently setup to use Paypal, or credit-card data can be sent directly to the seller. We even have an option for buyers who don't like to use credit cars online - a form can be printed by the click of a button,and then mailed in with a cheque. Other payment gateways can be added upon request. The cart is particularly useful for Canadian sellers, with various options for GST, HST and PST.