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RSS News JavaScript Ticker

This version of JavaScript Ticker can show news from any RSS feed. Also, each news is presented as a link, so user can click to the source of the news. The scroller is built using JavaScript, PHP and CSS. It is using JavaScript for text rotation, C...

Stock Market JavaScript Ticker

The scroller is built using JavaScript, PHP and CSS. It is using JavaScript for text rotation, CSS for customization (fonts, colors, border etc) and PHP for content generation. In order to integrate this into your site you must have minimal JavaScr...

PHP Mail Ticker

PHP Mail Ticker is a commercial PHP script that checks your mailbox and sends notification on incoming emails. You can use this script for mobile notifications or mail robot applications.

RSS Ticker Widget

The RSS Ticker Widget enables even non-techies to put a live, scrolling, completely customizable RSS feed on their website, for free! All you have to do is copy and paste. Normally, to add the contents of an RSS feed to your site, you would need...

php Stock Widget

php Simple Stock Quote Display is an extremely small yet attractive stock quote web script written in php that fetches any ticker symbol from the Yahoo! Finance web site. If you''re seeking a simple stock quoter that displays the quote and the d...

Simple JavaScript Ticker

This script can show simple text that you enter from a PHP variable. This can be used for simple content or you can start from this to develope your version of the ticker customized for your specific needs. The scroller is built using JavaScrip...

Mega Portal Script and Site

MEGA PORTAL FEATURES: Top 10 searches and featured websites on the front page. Daily content such as weather, games, kids content, lottery results, daily poll, news, recipes, celebrity gossip, financial ticker and tips, comics and more. Featured...

Many Pro PHP Web Templates

These template are very, very nice looking everything are running with the popular PHP Include function so you change only one thing and it take effect across all of your pages. All of our templates also include an ads banner, a calendar, a news ti...

PHP News Ticker

PHP news ticker is a simple php based script.News can be easily edited from password protected admin panel,supports images and urls and its small in size.

Led Stock Quotes Ticker Applet

Led Stocks Quotes Ticker Applet is the perfect browser embedded tool you can enhance your site by showing real-time stock quotes values in a stock market similar led display. Based on Java TM technology, this applet offers the following features: ...