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Desktop-style skin for FlashChat

Add room feature allows any user to add a public or private room. There is no limit to the number of rooms that can be added. Lost connection notifications... if your connection to the server is lost for any reason, the Flash client notifies you of ...

Tooltip kit

This class can be used to lookup text expressions/images on the server a page using AJAX to avoid page reloading. When a user drags the mouse over a link of a site page popup window with the expression appears. And it disappears when the user t...

BigPrism Typo Helper

BigPrism Typo Helper will help you to get rid of typos and misspellings on your site. It is extremely useful if you plan to expand your online business and translate your site to other than your native languages. Just install this script to you...

Drag and Drop Objects Framework Tooltips Frames and Windows (ddobj)

Interactively manipulated drag && drop windows && frames. Embed custom html content e.g. tables, layers, text, video, lists, images, scripts, etc. Skinned objects can be applied to any events to trigger functionality. Incl. robust AJA...

GreatWebBook Guestbook

Tired of cleaning the SPAM and junk out of your site guestbook? Get the GreatWebBook Website Guestbook! It''s tested and proven SPAM filters are the best on the web. It stops the junk before it ever reaches you whether from a human typist or a...

AB Ads Manager

Professional, fully featured Advertisement Management. Ads can be used on any webpage, there are many ways available ways to show ads: iframe, javascript, PHP include command, multiple popup window options. It can serve classic banners (incl. Flash),...

Advanced Javascripts

Our database of javascript source code will enhance your website capabilities. The javascript code includes everything from popup && cascading menues, scrollers and eMail contact scripts to refer a friend, bookmark this page, cookies, quer...

SparrkDev Site Controller

With the Sparrkdev SC; you''ll be impressed with its ease, visual style and functionability. It''s geared to manage the basic of things but with superb excellence; it will make managing an FAQ on your site, feedback system, and site conten...

Auto Responder with RSS Feeds, Link Track, dhtml Popup, bounced email mgmt

Complete Email Auto Responder System with RSS, Link Tracking, automatic bounced email mgmt, dhtml subscription form, rss only subscription (i.e. subsription without asking for email id) and more for a one time cost only. Features: * Runs on your serv...

Animated Smiley Generator

Animated smiley sign generator with integration for IPB and VBulletin. Popup frontend with color choices for the text, text shadow, and sign background. Animated Smiley signs are dynamically generated with 24 hour cacheing to speed load times. Wo...