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Single File PHP Gallery

Single File PHP Gallery is a gallery in one single PHP file. All you have to do is drop the file in any directory containing JPG, JPEG or PNG images to make a gallery. You can then use your favorite FTP client to upload images to the gallery. Sub d...

Adsense Checker

This PHP script is intended to detect hacking of the Adsense code on your website. It scans the site in FTP mode and extract all Adsense client codes, the list is displayed then. Mozilla 1.1 licence. Requires PHP 4.

DV Digital Shop 2

PayPal IPN integration for instant delivery of digital goods. Works with eBay auctions (PayPal payments).Sell any digital products-PDF,e-books, music,photos etc. Secured download system-limited number of download , placing digital products files fo...

Tavrida PHP Editor

Tavrida PHP Editor is a Delphi-like application for writing Web sites with PHP and database support and testing them on a built-in Web server. Main features: - Delphi(C++ Builder)-like interface: main window with a Tag palette (the...

The eYe Project Webserver and interface Webweaver Edition

The eYe Project Webweaver Edition is a distribution of Webweaver Webserver, MySql database and PHP5.x in a Windows environment. We build a complete new interface for this distribution. Complete configured. There are also lots of modules available for...

The eYe Project Webserver and interface Sambar Edition

eYe Project is a distribution of Sambar Webserver, MySql database and PHP5.x in a Windows environment. Complete configured, ready to use. There are also lots of modules available for use in this project. Recent modules are Mambo, Coppermine, PHPBB, P...

ACal Calendar

Does not require any database server and stores everything in a simple text format. Requirements are very simple, only requires PHP 4.1.2 or later. Anyone who knows how to use an FTP client can install ACal.

Web Based FTP with PHP and Sockets

This tutorial takes you through the creating of a web based FTP program using PHP and raw sockets. We do not make use of the PHP FTP api. Instead we build our client from the ground up by implementing the functionality as described in the FTP RFC.

PHP Studio 2008

PHP Studio 2008 is an integrated development environment for PHP, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for editing, debugging and deploying PHP based web applications. This advanced PHP editor enables web developers to code faster and mor...


Beyond a firewall or proxy blocking FTP access? This product is for you! It provides FTP client interface in your browser. Install it on a remote server and easily connect to your FTP servers through a firewall or a proxy not allowing FTP connectio...