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DS Stars Script

DS Stars is a JavaScript that displays a rain effect. The script includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript and HTML programming.

To hide the errors

This code snippet lets you hide the error message which appears when there occurs a Javascript error in your pages. The script will still not function but the visitor will not see the error message. Written in French.

Real''s Java HowTo

This site offers a number of useful code snippets in a variety of Java-related topics ranging from Applet, AWT, JFC Swing, IO, and Networking to Servlet/JSP/EJB, Database, Security, Threads, Environment, MS WFC, Javascript interaction, and JNI.

Client-Side Scripting and ASP

This article looks at a couple of ways to get the code in the client-side and server-side to communicate each other: Using the Javascript Array and Using ASP and XML.

Countdown Generator

This is a countdown generator form. Given the name and date of a future event, it generates JavaScript code that you can cut and paste into an HTML page for your Web site.

Automatic Title/Status Text Rotation

JavaScript code that allows you to change the text in you Title Bar and Status Bar after a preset interval.

Automatic Status Text Rotation

This is a simple JavaScript code to change the text in you Status Bar after a preset interval.

Automatic Title Text Rotation

JavaScript code to change the text in you Title Bar after a preset Interval.

Link Maker

Link Maker is a very simple, but quite useful, little tool that will translate form field entries into XHTML-compatable links with the proper onmouseover javascript code and title tags.

Free Search Engine

Add a simple javascript search engine to your website with your own look and feel. Simply copy and paste the code and you''ll have a search engine on your site instantly.