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iTab by Cool Focus

iTab is a tab control in the Windows style, designed for use with the HTML IFRAME. The result is a smart and intuitive interface that makes it easy to browse between related web pages. Along with full control over color scheme, fonts and color-reacti...
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Features: browse the FTP server; up/download files; copy/move/delete files and directories recursively on your FTP server; copy/move to a second FTP server; chmod and rename; edit code right from your browser; view code with syntax highlighting. Requ...


phpBuoy is a simple little PHP script which parses the realtime buoy data provided by the National Data Buoy Center and presents it in a nicely formatted HTML table. It''s quite easy to use as a PHP or SSI include and the script can get data for...


MySQLHandler is a complete wrapper for MySQL. It implements all functions available and can be easily customized for your preference. MySQLHandler is designed to aid you when writing queries in your code and you don''t need to write those conn...

Wildform Wild FX Flash Text Animator

Make Flash text effects in seconds! The Wild FX text animator comes with 400+ effects including 40+ customizable effects that work with your installed fonts. Wild FX is amazingly easy to use. Just enter your text and select an effect. Wild FX lets yo...

psPopper :: Popup Window Controller

A completely automated Popup Window Controller. You do not need to edit HTML pages and add JavaScript popup code any more. psPopper is designed to help you control popup windows from 2 different viewpoints. First, you can manage all the popups themse...

Creativyst Quote Catcher

QuoteCatcher allows you to maintain a database of quotes via a simple browser based interface. The scalable text-based database can maintain just a few, or over nine million quotes (if your server is up to it). It keeps the content fresh for your gue...

AWS HTML Producer .Net

AWS HTML Producer is an enterprise-level HTML processing solution that not only provides advanced HTML template parsing features, but also extracts virtually any data from any web site! Among dozens of other cool features, new version has full suppor...

Attachment Mailer

A formmailer with attachments! Send and receive multiple email attachments from webforms. Personalized Autoresponder, Admin control panel, select multiple files from any folder and send them as attachments, control public side file size and type limi...

Ad-Free WWWToolz Mailing List

A remotely hosted mailing list tool that allows you to keep in touch with your website''s visitors. Features: fully functional for both HTML and text-based newsletters, you can send newsletters to everyone on your list, select certain members fr...